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Cannot "Play On This Device", Webplayer

Cannot "Play On This Device", Webplayer

I am using webplayer and I have many amazon echos. When using the web-player, I cannot get the music to play on the local device. (I can get it to play on a phone via the app or on the device using the non-web-player version).


This is happening on two types of devices. Both a Mac (Chrome browser) and on a chromebook (Samsung, 2017 model, chrome browser).


It may be due to me:

1) playing music often on the amazon echo OR

2) me having 5+ devices.


Proposed solution: In the device list for webplayer, add the option to "Play on this device"



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FIGURED OUT: I logged in to another place, and figured out that the option to play audio in the webplayer was too far down the list. It worked because my screen was larger.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: Enable scrolling for the menu of "devices available". I think this would be routed to the Spotify Connect team.




Hi! This should be fixed now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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