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Chromecast not showing in Spotify App


Chromecast not showing in Spotify App

I have 5 Chromecast Audios in hour home, connected to speakers (kitchen, outside, basement, etc). Within Google Cast all are shown, and it mentions I can open Spotify App to go 'casting'. It has been working since I installed the Chromecasts. It works on my wifes mobile (Samsung S6), and on my kids (Iphones of course). I have a Samsung S7, and as said, it has worked for months. And suddenly it has stoppen; when I open the Spotify App, it does not show that there are 'devices nearby' which normally let me choose between the different rooms. And again, it is working for my wife and kids. I have tried installing Spotify again on my phone, I have turned down the WiFi routers (but I am absolutely on the same netwerk). Any ideas; I'm getting crazy ! Why is this suddenly not working anymore ? We are on a family plan, btw. Thanks ! Robert-Jan


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Hi all, i've find a solution that worked for me !!!!!

I'm using Samsung Galaxu J5 2016

I've forced the Chrome browser in Windows 10 to cast Spotify web playerand my Chromecast audio is now visible through my Android :

1. Launch Chrome web browser on Win10

2. Go to spotify web player and Play a song

3. Cast this song through chrome web browser to your chromecast audio

4. Open spotify app on Android

5. You will see your chromecast in the List !!!!!

6. turn off spotify web browser, it now works on Android !!!!!!


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Hi there @MattRob


Try to reset the Chromecast unit and try again.

I have only 1 chromecast, but have a similar problem with my Samsung S6. I've been able to cast Spotify no problem for over a month - but just lately I don't see my named chromecast device as an option. Meanwhile, all my other apps work just fine. 


I've reset my Chromecast, checked wi-fi, etc., etc. (i've been using chromecast for nearly two years). I have up to date chromecast, Android, Samsung and Spotify loaded. 


This only happens occaisionally, as I find and connect to the device sometimes. It appears to be a recent problem, intermittent problem. Help to solve would be appreciated, because annoying...





Just to clear out you have followed these steps. Try again:


  • You have the latest firmware installed on your Chromecast device.
  • Your device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
  • You’re using the app in a country where Spotify is available.
  • You have the latest version of Spotify installed.

Also try to reinstall the Spotify application on your phone.

For me this all applies, but still it is not working, as indicated above ... Hope this problem is known and is being worked on. ALthough I am not sure where the issue lies, although I suspect Chromecast/Android, as it is not only not functioning within Spotify, but also other Apps.

Solved? I have SAME problem: S6, spotify family plan, chromecast firmware updated, spotify app updated,...and chromecast does not show on available devices8. Other devices (sony android tv, marantz A/V amplifier) are visible on spotify , but chromecast not. In my wife's iphone it works but not on my samsung S6...any help much appreciated.
Jose Martrat

...some additional info: It seems to be an Spotify issue as I can see chromecast on Google Home app, from where I can configure and restart it
Jose Martrat

I have the same problem. I do not see the Chromecast (Audio) in spotify with my (Samsung S5) phone. I can use this chromecast in any other app, as well as Home.


But when I connect spotify to the Chromecast on my tablet it immidiately shows up on my phone as well.. The tablet (Samsung Tab 10.1) never has any problems finding the Chromecast from Spotify.


So maybe you can check if the Chromecast does show up after another device has connected to it with Spotify? Doesn't solve the problem completely but maybe gives a hint of where things are going wrong. I suppose for example that the Spotify app must be started on the Chromecast (for it show up on your desktop as well). It looks like the Spotify app on my phone is no longer able to detect the Chromecast when the Chromecast app is not started yet where the tablet does.

The Chromecast (normal, new one) in my TV gives me the same result. Tablet: yes, phone: no, start tablet, phone: yes. All is connected to my 5 GHz WiFi, tablet, phone, chromecasts.


Hope this info helps.

Cheers, Tijs



Thanks for the hint...I will try it!


Just in case it might be usefull to someone in the future: I realised that when I restart de S7, then Spotify detects Chromecast. (l tried first disconnecting WiFi and reconnect, restarting Spotify, or resetting the Chromecast from Home App...but none of this options worked) by now I will "survive" with the restart option...




Jose M.



Jose Martrat

Just want to add my name to the list of people this is happening to. I am currently casting to my chromecast from the podcast addict app, but spotify has no devices listed for me to cast music to. Restarting the app, completely stopping the app (from the settings menu) and restarting the chromecast do not refresh the list. The only thing that does seem to work is to restart the phone (s7, though this used to happen on my S6 as well). I guess I could try to connect by the tablet and see if it will force refresh the spotify device list, but it's all the way across the room 😉

Spotify, can you please just add a 'refresh device list' option?!? I feel like that would totally fix this issue easy peasy

Launching spotify on my ps4 and casting from my tablet did not bring the list back. Nor did disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi. Literally the only option is to completely restart the phone, which is insane.

Also happening for me. I can play Netflix through the Chromecast and can connect and share my screen via the Google Home app, however Spotify fails to see my Chromecast. Really frustrating as force closing the app, toggling WiFi, and restarting the Chromecast do not fix the issue. Chromecast has been out for years now... what's the deal Spotify? Spotify does see my MacBook Pro in the list of devices to connect to. I'm on a Galaxy S7 edge, and everything has the latest firmware. This didn't use to happen, but is becoming more and more common lately.

I am having the same issue, I have to restart my device (Samsung Galaxy note 5) to get it to connect. Why the **bleep** is there still not a fix for this? This is obviously not a isolated incident so why is no one doing anything about it?!?!

Honestly, the common thread here seems to be we are all on Galaxy devices. Curiouser and curiouser...

I have 3 Chromecast audios and have the same issue. It's been happening for probably 2 years now and still same issue. Very annoying. I have to restart for it to show up. Casting was the main reason i use spotify but now i started using Pandora more often as their app works better for casting. I might switch if it doesn't get fixed soon.

Same problem here on OnePlus 5. Google play music finds the Chromecast without problems. Reboot fixes the issue for Spotify.

Hi everyone!


This seems to be an issue for the Spotify support to solve. 

I suggest you to get in touch with the Spotify support by clicking the link below.

If you get an email back directing to the support forums, reply back to that email even though it's from noreply.


Spotify usually takes up to 24 hours to reply.


Have a great day!

Hi, I had the exact same issue as you are describing here. I contacted Spotify support and they gave me this explanation, which worked for me:

Hopefully this will help you guys as well. 🙂

I just had the same issue - I wanted to cast from my Phone to Chromecast but i could only see my Computer. These three steps helped worked as a workaround:

  1. Turn off Spotify app on the Computer
  2. Close Spotify app on the Phone
  3. Open Spotify app on the Phone again - and voila - I can see Chromecast under "Devices Available".

Hi petrkotek1.

This is the same workaround most of us have experienced. Unfortunately this will not last, and you will get the same problem in a few hours and then you will have to do the workaraound again.


I have been in contact with Spotify Support and they are not able to help. I have told them that I think this is a bug that they need to fix,so hopefully they will do that. I got a lot of suggestions that did not help (delete cache and saved data in the Spotify app, re-install the app, make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app (and the Google Home app), make sure you have the latest firmware on your Chromecast devices), but none of this helps.


My hope is that they realise that this is a bug that needs to be fixed and the best way to do that is for everyone with the same problem to contact Spotify Support and let them give you all the suggestions they have, and finally respond to them that none of it helps. The more people contact them, the higher the chance that they will actually do something with it.


You can contact Spotify Support on this link. Choose Technical issues >> Other >> Click on the "I still need help" button >> Fill in the problem and send the question. They will get back to you with questions, so make sure you have installed the latest Spotify version, the latest Google Home version and let them know which Android version you have (can be found in Settings >> About the phone).

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