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Complete Sonos Integration...... please?


Complete Sonos Integration...... please?

Sonos was the main reason I signed up for a premium plan and I love the service.

But it's killing me that I can't use all of the Spotify features through Sonos.  Who is holding this up?  Sonos or Spotify?


I really want Radio, app support, a better layout or the site, etc....


Any chance any of these will occur?

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I love this idea, but Sonos has been very exclusive when it comes to any sort of control over their hardware by a third party application. You can run an audio cable from your computer's output to the Sonos Aux input and select it in the Sonos interface... Then control playback via Spotify app on computer.

Same as support on the Denon API. What is the reasons I took Spotify Premium.

Denon says: "We use the standard API Spotify we get from them. Here we can add at present little or change."

1) Spotify has Steely Dan content which and Pandora do not.

2) I can craete a Spotify radio station that includes Steely Dan and other content

3) With Spotify Premium I can play Spotify through my Sonos.

4) Turns out I CAN'T play Spotify staions through my Sonos

5)  Cancelling Spotify Premium


I hope Spotify lets me know when playing stations through Sonos is an option.

I would also love to see Spotify radio available on the Sonos app would be a great feature to have.

@virgiliomi, spotify does not offer an API for their radios, at least according to this thread on Sonia boards

A few things are really a big let down searching for tracks and think you've found the track from all those years ago to find out its a terrible cover,I pay money to listen to originals not crappy covers,you have so Many covers of songs it's almost impossible to find the original,I won't be renewing after this month,also I can't search playlists using the sonos app which is a big let down.

Like everyone else here I am very disappointed.


I will not be renewing my recently set up Premium Membership, unless there is some committment from Spottify to resolve this issue.



My last spotify subscription


1 month of Spotify Premium


Goodbye Spotify; not re-subscribing until the radio issue is dealt with! 10 days without spotify on my system, and I haven't missed it yet. Might turn out spotify was just another clever idea that died because it refused to take in the wishes of it's customes!

I like Spotify but it drives me crazy !


1/ Why on earth we don't have the chance to have Radio implemented on Sonos ? What is the real reason ? Do we have the right to know ? Do you realize that many customers will leave Spotify if for example Google All Access implement this feature on Sonos and I will be the first !!!!


2/ And why on earth it is not possible to queue a song when a radio is running ? What is the real reason ? Do we have the right to know ? It is possible on iPhone's Spotify but it is not possible on Android's Spotify and not possible on Sonos' Sponos app ? Whyyyyyyy ????


I am very frustrated because I spent money in Sonos, in Spotify, in my speakers !!! Don't I have the right to got the quality ???

Just got a sonos, and already was a spotify subscriber. 

Gutted to find out that spotify radio isn't supported on sonos... 

Please make this work!


I am really disapppointed that I cannot use my Spotify Premium subscription the way I had been lead to believe by Sonos, but instead have a 'pared back' version of Spotify instead.

I guess there just arent enough Sonos users to warrant sorting this problem out?

What is more disappointing though, is that through this whole thread on the Spotify site, that Spotify has not made a word of explanation. Now that suggests you dont value your subscribers.

At least explain what the issues are, Spotify!

I stopped last month my deezer premium account hoping to have a batter sonos integration with spotify... Plese Go no with radio integration!

Why do advertise for Sonos when you are only able to provide a lousy experience (no radio for exemple)?


Here is the link to your advertissement:


I will start looking for a new music provider...




Why do advertise for Sonos when you are only able to provide a lousy experience (no radio for exemple)?


Here is the link to your advertissement:


Are you trying to solve this problem or should I start looking for a new music provider?




Adding my voice to the sound of the crowd.


Make it happen with Sonos.


Sort it out guys. Please!!!

Another vote for this. I moved from Logitech Squeezebox to Sonos becuase I assumed the Spotify integration would be much better. What I got was an excellent Sonos interface to Spotify - for the feautres that are supported - but was disappointed that basic core features of Spotify were missing. 

Got my Sonos system a few weeks back and joined spotify premium pure for this reason .


Just downloaded napster trail for a month which is much better than the spotify / sonos interface. I love the normal spotify experiance but if I don't get the full system on Sonos by end of the 30 days I'll be cancelling spotify subscription and going over to Napster, can't believe having found this thread that this problem has been going on for so long without spotify / sonos sorting it out.



Moved to Spotify for the higher bit rate vs Rhapsody but think I' ll move back. The interface is extremely poor.

I dispair of Sonos & Spotify - I have 6 moths free use of Spotify, which I like - but the implementation on Sonos is useless.


I fear I will have to follow the general trend to use Rhapsody in lieu of Spotify.


I really don't want to jump from one poor solution to another; can anyone point me to a good comparision of Spotify & Rhapsody on Sonos please.


I'm in the UK if that's relevant.


Thanks in advance.



Total silence from spotify &sonos i suppose sonos know they've already got our money but spotiy's silence is extremely dissapointing suppose they just going to hope they get more cusyomers over xmas to make yp for those of us they are going to lose.


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