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Connecting spotify to facebook

Connecting spotify to facebook

Ok, so here's the deal with the deal...

I have a Spotify account that I set up when I was about 8 years old, aka... a LONG time ago. And now, I do NOT want the same name as I currently do have. 


So, I tried to connect it with my facebook since that apparently would make my Spotify adopt both the name showing and the profile picture so that nobody would have to see my "real" username, aka... gr8. 


But we hit a bump and I'm desperately calling out for HEELP!


Now, I come so far that I can click on "connect to facebook" and I come to Facebook and it says "you are already connected" and you can either click on "cancel" or on "proceed" and the same thing happens... I get flown back to my Spotify and nothing happens to the username nor to the profile picture. 

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