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Denon AVR-X2100W - No Spotify Connect


Denon AVR-X2100W - No Spotify Connect

Just purchased a new Denon receiver and everything is working OK except Spotify connect, it doesn't show as a device on the connect page. I can stream everything via AirPlay OK, but connect doesn't show. They are both running on the same network, but I wonder if there are any settings I need to consider for spotify specifically. I have tried searching the forums but haven't come up with anything so far. If anyone could point me in the direction of some help it would be much appreciated!

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I think your solution just worked for me. Can't believe it! Thank you very much!

What solution? Static ip address? 

Factory reset and setup form scratch with static IP and DHCP off. Still the same problem.

As long as phone is in standby no problems, switch it on and Denon brakes the stream to either the playing Chrome Cast Audio or it self. Disconnect it from the network and the CCA is working with out problems.

AVR-X2200W FW 4400-9380-4021 dated 09.11.2017

I have the same problem with my Denon DNP730AE and it started about a month ago. I'm not sure where the problem lies but it makes my Denon unusable and my Spotify Premium subscription a waste of money.


I've been in contact with Spotify via Twitter and they have asked some basic questions. I've also sent them a video to show it happening. No news yet though.


Interestingly I also have a 2nd Denon device, an N4 Piccolo. This used to have direct Spotify integration but changed to Spotify Connect about a month ago (a coincidence?) but it works ok. This makes me think the Denon DNP730AE firmware might be the issue. Denon haven't answered an email I sent though.


I have exactly the same problem with Denon Avr 2200 X, started with the last firmware update for me, also crashes chromecast when I wake up my Samsung S8. My family hates me for waking up my phone in the middle of the movie. Gonna try factory reset with static ip tomorrow.


Denon has to get their act together 

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Got to do with Google devices, Android, Chromecast and HOME.

MDNS packets they sent are every 1 ms (milisecond). compared to for example iOS only every 3 seconds.

Causes disruptions. also other brands affected.

possible work-around:

Create a guest network with disabled intranet access on your router and assign your Marantz/Denon to that guest network along with a reserved DHCP IP.


Connect to the guest network with PC/Laptop and find the Marantz/Denon in within Spotify. Then move your PC/laptop back to the normal network as Spotify remembers Spotify Connect units. U can now play music to you Marantz/Denon from both your PCs and android phone without issues.


Remember this is a temp solution and may not work or be ideal for everyone.


Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my Marantz MCR611. Everything used to work fine but now the Marantz srope when I activate my mobile phone or tablet. I do not think it has anything to do with Spotify because the system also crashes when my wife uses her phone and she does not have Spotify on her phone.
I have tried everything, several resets, static IP, DHCP on/off but nothing works ...

This seems to be a google cast problem that occurs when you have google home (mini) devices in your network.


vTuner playback (on Denon AVR) will also be havily disturbed as soon as an Android phone wakes up. The interference is greater the longer the phone has been in standby before.


With latest update I cannot see Chromecast which I used to see always, but I see again my Denon avr x2100w which I did not see anymore since 1 month... 

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I think the only definitive solution is downgrade to the penultimate firmware version and not upgrade to the current version. Done on my X1200W and spotify working again correctly.

I've downgraded the firmware on my Denon DNP-730AE and it seems better, not perfect but better.

yes, before it was a network crash, now (later downgrade) is a small noise from speakers (in some occasions when turning on mobile) but working without downfall 🙂

Nice! Hopefully Google will get a fix out soon. At least the mystery is solved...

Let's hope they'll fix it soon.
A proposed workaround is to connect the AVR with a guest network. But how can I connect my AVR (wired, not wifi) with the guest network ?

You would really need something like a switch as by far most routers won't support this I'm affraid.

Might want to read below example.

Hi Ferdie1,


some routers support the assiciation of the guest network to one of their LAN ports.

For example within my Fritz Box 7362SL, I can configure guest network to LAN port 4.

Devices connected to that port would then get connected to the guest network.




I have the Denon AVR-S720W

I use Spotify Connect a lot, powered either by my MacBook Pro or my Google Pixel. Regardless of the source though, when I wake up my Google Pixel phone, there is tremendous STATIC for about 5 seconds. 

All devices are on the same Wifi. 

FWIW I have the Google Wifi product. 

I have a Denon AVR-X2300 and since the last firmware update there was, I did not work spotify connect, that is when I entered the spotify application either from my IPad or my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or the PC, no it appears on available devices! can someone tell me how to fix it? I have tried by all means but nothing ... I only connect via Bluetooth. It is all connected to the same network via WiFi, and the denon via Ethernet cable!

Hi, I don't think this has got to do with this thread. however you could try a full reset of AVR:

Use the buttons on the device itself for the reset
1. Switch off the mains voltage with the <ON / STANDBY> button.
2. Hold down <ZONE2 SOURCE> and <DIMMER> while pressing <ON / STANDBY>.
3. Release the two buttons as soon as the display starts flashing at an interval of approximately 1 second.

You will need to completely perform initial setup again

Then also turn off your router 10 mins and back on.

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