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Depeche Mode - Live in Berlin - Disappeared

Depeche Mode - Live in Berlin - Disappeared

I don't know if I'm in the right spot here...


I'm from Germany and since 4 days the new live-album from Depeche Mode has disappeared. My playlist with this album still shows the right number of tracks. But the list itself is empty!!!

If I search on spotify the album isn't listed anymore.


So what's wrong here? I'm dying without this music or without a note why I can't listen to these songs.


I'm a complete newbie to spotify and only made an account a week ago because of this new album. Ok, spotify is great and has great features but if exactly the music I like most is missing, I don't want to be be a spotify user any longer. 😞

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Hey @Megatante  and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, Spotify is not responsible for missing music and removals of music that used to be available. If there's an artist/album/song missing, it's because the label/legal owner doesn't want it to be on Spotify or it is not available in your country (anymore). I suggest reaching out to the label and ask why this album is not on the service or better why decided to remove it.
Read this post (point 5) for further information:
It's common that music is added and removed from time to time.

Just noticed the removal of Live in Berlin myself. After all the trouble I had with playing it I'm pretty annoyed about this. I think that Spotify could be a lot more user friendly.


Also, it's removal may not be entirely Spotify's responsibility but I simply don't believe that it's not any of their responsibility. Thare are reasons why things are removed or not available and Spotify are not always an innocent party in my opinio.


Does anyone know if Live in Berlin is available on Deezer?




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