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Equalizer support with Casting

Equalizer support with Casting

When you listen to SPotify on your phone or on a Bluetooth device, you can use the Equalizer function. 
When you use a Wifi speaker (Casting named), this option is suddenly greyed out and not usable. 
Why is this? 
With the neutral sounding Wifi Hifi Speakers, it is neccessary to have an good equalizer to adjust the sound. 

Please give this option free for Wifi casting. 

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I have the same problem and I am also waiting for them to solve it. Weird that EQ function is not available yet on wifi streaming

Hey @EricNLD.


Thanks for getting in touch!


When using Spotify Connect, certain settings will be greyed out and won't be usable. Mostly because the Spotify Connect device is streaming straight from our servers, and not through the device you are using as a remote. Generally every HiFi system should have a built in equalizer so take a look in the settings of your system to see if you can change the sound.


Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you have further question.


Have a nice day!


Is this issue solved by now? I can only use the equalizer on my iPhone and iPad. When I cast the music to wifi speakers this option doesn't work.

You refer to the equalizer option on the speakers (Harman Kardon Citation ONE and 100), but that is no option (I used Google Home for the set up of the speakers).

Please can you advise me?


Me too

Seems they are reluctant to approach this issue

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