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Error connecting to playstation network!

Error connecting to playstation network!

Can't use the spotify app on ps4. I am logged into PSN but the app keeps telling me "Error connecting to playstation network" on a black screen with no other options. I've had this error for over two weeks now. I've tried uninstalling and installing the app several times.

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Come on someone help me


I had the same problem but I just managed to solve it. You have to unlink your spotify and your playstaion accounts. 

I used this link to unlink my accounts.

And then try to login into spotify on your playstation. Or you could try and link your two accounts online. I hope it helps.

Your'e a saint sir. I spent an hour and couldnt find that webpage you linked too. Please dont tell me how you found it. It would only make me feel like i wasted an hour looking for a simple solution. 

You the best. You're loyal, You're smart, Bless Up

Same problem here, i tried everything, cant connect. It should be easy to change this from your own account. This is something sony should fixe.

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