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[Ford Sync3] Spotify stops AppLink Support?

[Ford Sync3] Spotify stops AppLink Support?



I'm wondering why the newest Update (8.4.38) stops support for this interface without a comment.


It worked steadily better until I was even very satisfied with the function in the last 3 months. Now that it works really well and Ford has also worked on the software, Spotify suddenly ceases to support it.

I use Spotify almost exclusively in the car and CarPlay is no alternative.

Why was this done?

5 Replies

Yep, I'm also bitterly disappointed. 10+ year user of Spotify premium and using it in my car with the sync3 is a big part of that.... 

Hi i solved this. uninstall the last version of spotify and install the spotify-8-4-32-623.apk.

and spotify app now show again in Sync 3.

also you dont update spotify for now. 

Bit it‘s not possible with iOS 😞

There's your problem. iOS limits you.

I chose Spotify as my music serivce because of Ford's decision to use it in Sync3. I'm very disspointed that as of 2019  it's no longer recognized by the Sync3 system as an app. I can only listen via bluetooth or with Apple Car play with my Iphone. As much as I love Spotify, might have to cancel and go back to a music source that is recognized.

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