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Have I party banned an artist?

Have I party banned an artist?

We have played a new album, particular one song a lot at work. We have done it many times before. (A silly joke) Now the artist doesn't come up anymore on random/after playlists run out and such. The album we played is still there. But I don't even get songs from that artist at home, like I used to. Is it possible that we (6 people) can have banned/red flagged an artist by playing one album too much within a couple of weeks?
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It has always been different artists and albums earlier, but I have never noticed this happening to any of them, as far as I know. 

Hey @31ygwqasn2gtxhyskyoe,

Thanks for reaching out.

We assure you that playing an album repeatedly won't ban its creator from your profile. The algorithm for your recommendations aims to provide you with fresh content and that's probably the reason why you're no longer seeing this artist.

We hope this helps. Let us know if you have other questions.

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