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Help me log onto squeezebox please

Help me log onto squeezebox please

okay I have the assigned digit username, i created the password via email link for devices, i installed the spotify app in the squeezebox.  I rebooted my squeezebox.  I turned off the server on my mac and connected the squeezebox to I carefully entered the assigned digit username and password in the squeezebox.  i get an error message cant connect.  What else can i do?  What am i doing wrong.  Frustrating.  I think ill stick with Rhapsody if this goes on much longer.

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Okay i think im getting somewhere.  When i log in from the squeezebox i am not given enough info.  Just cant log in.  I went to the website and configured the app there where i was told i need a premium subscription.   

Okay logged in and connected.  Get to my play list and now the new message:


Unable to play file type song after song.  WHat now?  Refund?

Which file types? Spotify on Squeezebox will not play local .ogg files, for instance. Not that there is much point to that: you can play local files without the Spotify plugin. Or you can stream the from Spotify without touching your local files. But that is just my opinion. I have the Spotify plugin running here on my Squeezebox without a glitch.

When using the spotlfy app from squeeze box I get this message every time: "Problem: Unable to play file type for" then list the song name. I can pick the music and see the art but no play. This is when I am attempting to stream from spotlfy on squeeze box. Wonder why yours works and mine doesn't. Logitech customer service told me spotlfy has not been running on squeezebox for weeks.

But to answer your question, what file types, I don't know. What ever it is that spotlfy streams.

OK so it's not the local files that it chokes on.

Are you using the official Spotify plug-in? There are two, one labelled "Official Spotify plugin" and the other "Third-party plugin". The official plugin is known not to work with Squeezebox Duet, Boom and Classic, only with Squeezebox Radio and Touch. The third-party plugin will work with everything. It is in fact running now on my system, despite what Logitech told you.

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