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I am now receiving ads in Spanish

I am now receiving ads in Spanish

I am now receiving ads in Spanish. It started rather suddenly and is not a welcome option as I have no desire to move to Spain or any of the Latin American countries and I do NOT transact business in Spanish. I did not fiddle with any of the settings so it has to be something happening at the source of the transmission.


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Same problem here!  It just started happening!  So far for me it's just the Verizon commercial.  But it's very annoying.  If I have to have commercials at least let me understand them.  Very distracting when I'm listening at work!

They wonder why more people are switching to the subcription service.  Why would it if the commercial-based version has so many stupid issues.  I'm not going to pay out of pocket for them.  Everytime Spotify puts on commercials other than my selected language from the Settings page, I close out of Spotify.  Soon I'll be uninstalling.

From my experience, ad language is ip address dependant, even if your language is set to english. Maybe that's the reason you're getting those ads.

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Same problem here...

That is not the reason. I recieve most of my ads in my selected language (my IP resides in the same country). There is just one Spanish ad that keeps appearing. The voice in the ad says something about "Valencia".

I have the same problem... and, I don't see anyone with a valid reply on what options are available to us to change the ads back to English. I have a Spanish surname, but don't speak it, listen to it... anything it. 

Happening to me now as well.  Extremely annoying.  Also not a huge fan of the increased volume for ads.  So now with these two wonderfully annoying practices I've gotten to the point where an ad comes on and I automatically drop the volume on Spotify to zero, continue with my work, then check back in a couple minutes to turn the volume back up.


If Spotify is going to eff with me through loud unintelligible ads, I'll take the ads out of the equation entirely.

I have had this problem start within the past few weeks.

Can't be IP based as I get them at work and at home. 

Not really a deal breaker just annoying.

But if I was a client and paying for those commercials I wouldn't be very happy. Waste of an impression.  

Any ideas on how to fix would be helpful.


I left Spotify for Apple Music.

I am having the same extremely annoying problem. I might end up leaving Spotify. 

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