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I can't find a user

I can't find a user

Hi everybody 


I'm new at spotify and I want to follow my friends, but when I try it, it appears nothing. What can I do? My account, and my friend's accounts are not connected by Facebook, is that necessary to find and follow other people? 



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Hey aliusfr,

First of all, I'd like to ask you; how do you try to search for your friends on Spotify? By their username or Facebook name? 


Leonardo Dreyer

Hi, thank you for answer .... I search user by their username, not by the Facebook one, because people that I'm trying to find has no connected their Spotify account with Facebook.


Even I did a new playlist but when somebody tries to find it, it appears nothing.... the playlist is public..... 



It's my pleasure!

So well.. By this way, I particularly don't know how can I help you. But I was going to say, what if you try to connect your account with Facebook? Maybe its get solved?

Leonardo Dreyer

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