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I have an artists page and my followers dropped over 1000 in one week

I have an artists page and my followers dropped over 1000 in one week

I have created my artist profile Sari Serodio and released my first single: Hey Ma. My followers were growing steady I was almost at 1800 then in 1 week that number dropped 1000 to 700. why?
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Hey Sari, firstly congrats on the release! 

There could be several reasons why your follower count dropped by 1000 in a week. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Bot followers: It's possible that some of your followers were bots or fake accounts, and Spotify removed them from your account. This can happen if Spotify identifies suspicious activity on your account or if they detect that the followers are not genuine.

  2. Inactive accounts: Some of your followers may have been inactive users who stopped using Spotify or deleted their accounts. Spotify occasionally cleans up inactive accounts, which could result in a drop in your follower count.

  3. Changes in algorithm: Spotify's algorithm for recommending music and artists can change over time, which could result in changes in your follower count. It's possible that your music was not being recommended as much to new listeners, resulting in a decrease in followers.

  4. Promotion: It's also possible that the drop in followers is related to a decrease in promotion or marketing of your music. If you stopped promoting your music during that time, it could result in fewer new followers.

Overall, it's difficult to say for sure what caused the drop in your follower count without more information. It's possible that a combination of these factors contributed to the decrease. It's important to keep promoting your music and engaging with your fans to continue growing your follower count over time.

PUPdate me with your findings and seriously keep the music coming!

Highest regards,


-Prague the Dog



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