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Inappropriate Ads

Inappropriate Ads

I have no clue where else this could be posted.  My husband and I are devote Christians.  We go to bed each night with Christian music playing.  I do not mind the ads because they don't last long and I'm usually asleep.  These last two days as I was listening before I fell asleep I noticed that the ads on the Christian "stations" had cursing in it.  If this does not get corrected I will be getting rid of Spotify and going back to Pandora.  Pandora does not have this issue.

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Sorry about this 😕 There is no current way to filter ads by what you are listening to (unless you subscribe to premium and have no ads at all), but you can add your Kudos to this idea here and hopefully it will be considered soon. 

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Okay, I'm not a fan of Christian music but I understand where this original user is coming from with this comment. I understand some music has inappropriate langauge in it but it's probably not a great idea to include that particular music, and those lyrics, in advertisements that might get general broadcast. Some of the lyrics I heard on an ad today included dropping the F bomb. Definitely not appropriate if I'm listening in the house with kids around. 


Rather than getting me to subscribe, this kind of insensitivity to user segmentation makes me want to drop the service and opt for one that exercises a bit more business savvy. 

One more type of inappropriate ad I've often run into are Trojan Condoms.


I DO NOT need my music player to rub it in my face that I'm a Virgin, Dangit!

Totaly agree!  I started thinking "Spotify, why not?"  But as a Children's Pastor who was hoping to have a better selction of music than other formats, has these stupid ads that should be filted out on G rated stations.  How can they not see this a problem?

Hi cmstiff,


I definitely understand where you are coming from. As a Christian myself, I would also be very uncomfortable if obscene content and ads were playing from my Spotify account. I have had this issue more recently with not only the cussing, but with the Trojan condom ads. As someone who is a college student and wants to live a clean and positive life for God, these series of commercials do not support the type of lifestyle I want to live for Him. Even worse, the condom ads continue on repeating over and over again that I thought I had to do something about this issue. After reading all of the community comments, I am extremely disappointed that Spotify officials aren't doing anything in solving and preventing this problem from happening again. Even worse, what if young children listen to these commercials? How will they react?


As of now, it seems that the only way one is able to remove these filthy commercials is by subscribing to Spotify Premium. However, I can't afford to pay a monthly fee just so I can filter out these disgusting commercials, because I am having to cover my tuition expenses and other college fees that must be taken care of. It's a shame because I am a huge fan of Spotify and its services and have been using Spotify for several years. If Spotify doesn't allow its users to filter out profane ads, I will quit Spotify for good and will switch back to Pandora/YouTube/another music streaming service.


Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in resolving this problem.




Hey there @mhigbee07


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

Keep in mind that the commercials you hear with the Free version of Spotify are based on info such as age, gender and other personal details you provide upon signing up. You can subscribe for Premium at anytime in order to stop hearing the ads. 


We suggest you check the Premium Student offer if you're currently studying. This offer lets you enjoy Spotify Premium on half the regular price, but without the ads that might be disturbing for you. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

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