Keep getting a message saying 'Can't play the current song'

Keep getting a message saying 'Can't play the current song'


The song pauses, then sometimes restarts. It's playing on my computer, and it doesn't look like there is any wi-fi signal problem. Any help would be great!  Thanks, Emma 



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Try to uninstall by following this tutorial:


Then reinstall, let me know if that fixed your problem.






Thank you for taking the time to reply. I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled - it is still coming up to say it can't play the song quite regularly. 


Any other thoughts on what could be wrong? 





Try to toggle Offline Mode on and off couple times, and also turn off Hardware Acceleration through Spotify settings.


You can also check if your firewall is not blocking Spotify, also reset your firewall settings might help.


Also if you have a Realtek Audio Driver installed try to disable it and then enable to see if it fixes your issue, once this driver is disabled try to set your default listening device through Control Panel.

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