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Liked songs not appearing as liked

Liked songs not appearing as liked






Acer laptop

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Windows 10


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I am using the web player on Firefox. If I go to my liked songs playlist and play the songs, the green heart at the bottom left isn't filled in. If I right click on the song the heart fills in automatically, but disappears once I refresh. I tried going on the Spotify desktop app and the iOS app and this doesn't happen.

I've seen other threads on this (example), but they haven't led to a solution and they are all from a year ago.

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if it's only happening in Firefox then it must be a Firefox conflict. Please try clearing all the cache and cookies under settings in Firefox, and if that doesn't work then try uninstalling Firefox, restarting your PC and then reinstalling Firefox.

Let us know how you get on 🙂

I just tried getting on Spotify in Chrome and it did the same thing. I've already tried restarting Firefox and my pc, and clearing cookies and cache on Spotify, but this didn't do anything. I would also like to add that I use Chrome as my test browser for when things don't work in Firefox so it's configured as it would be right after installation.

it has to be a setting on your PC related to do with the web browsing - there's no other issue being reported on here and as you said it works fine with the Desktop app?


Try MS Edge?

I just tried Edge and the same thing happens. I haven't changed any settings related to web browsing on my pc. I think this started happening after I downloaded the desktop app, but I don't remember if it was right after. I have tried uninstalling the desktop app and trying it, but that didn't do anything either.

How weird!  Try contacting Spotify Support using the contact form below to see if they can help, good luck!



Will do! Thanks for taking your time to help me. Hope contacting them will fix my problem. If not, I hope it's one of those problems that just go away on their own.

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