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Limited PS4 shuffle, even when controlled through phone (android)

Limited PS4 shuffle, even when controlled through phone (android)

For the last 12 months or so, I have been working around the limited PS4 shuffle capabilities by using my phone to shuffle the playlist, then connect it to the PS4.


This seems to have stopped working with recent updates and I cannot find any way to shuffle more than a dozen or so tracks at once when streaming via PS4. It will always play the same dozen or so tracks over and over again.


Steps to reproduce:

As a premium user, open spotify app on mobile (S6) app (V7.9.0.746 armV7)

Click "shuffle play" on a playlist --> spotify correctly sets up a shuffled playlist with no duplicates in the selection.

The playlist works as expected listening through the phone with no duplicates.

Click "connect to device" on mobile and connect to PS4 --> playlist instantly truncates the currently playling playlist and shows a dozen or songs repeating over and over again (same as what happens if you try and shuffle play on the PS4 direct).


I've tried as many combination as I can think of to try and "trick" spotify into keeping the playlist it shuffled on the mobile, but as soon as I connect to the PS4 it just replaces the now playing list with a small selection of tracks.

I've tried updating the PS4 app and mobile apps, both say they are up to date.

Issue started happening about 3 weeks ago.


Any suggestions? It makes spotify borderline useless not being able to actually shuffle a large playlist effectively...




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