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Listening on multiple devices at same time

Listening on multiple devices at same time

I have a new spotify account.  I am experimenting with a premium account or a family account.  Either way, I listen several different ways:


via Sonoa

via the app on my PC

on my iphone with the app


Up to now, any time I am listening on one device and I start on another, it kicks me off the first device.  Example:  I leave the house and am listening to spotify on my PC. When I get in my car and start spotify on my iphone, the stream on my PC stops.


Am I doing something wrong?  This seems like a deal breaker for me, especially if I'm paying $15/month for the family plan....



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Hi there,


Thanks for your post.


As Spotify is for personal use, it's not possible to stream music on different devices at a time using the same login.


No need to worry though, since you're on Premium for Family, you can add up to 5 subaccounts to your plan. To do this, first I would suggest creating an account for each of your devices and then add them to the plan. More information about doing this can be found here



In 2021, is it still not possible to listen on multiple devices? I can't find a solution. Thanks

Hey @Sameteo,


Thanks for posting here.


Currently there is no option to play music simultaneously on different devices while being logged to the same account.


You can check out this idea [Connect] Multiple Speakers / Devices simultaneously more for information on the matter.


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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The problem here is that families now have shared devices. We listen to Spotify often on Alexa at home. Then when I get in my car my family may want to keep listening. My only option there is to set up a different account for my car. However, when I hear a song I like and like it, it doesn’t translate to my home account. Why can’t we just pay to be able to stream our adult or kid family account on multiple Alexa’s, PCs, cars, etc at once? Or at the very least, allow families to share liked songs. 


using spotify family at home, and everyone use it on their phone, but we use it also in garden (raspotify + Amplifier), in main room (dedicated PC) and possibly everyone PC.


We often want to get music in garden and main room same time, to keep music everywhere.

And we cant..

It's really a silly limit that I cant understand, specially as it is supported if you play downloaded stuff and offline mode.

Please fix that, and you can probably limit to same public IP or local network only, to avoid account sharing..




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