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Locking your account.

Locking your account.

My friend just found her account hacked. Some creetin born out of a cesspit has change the email and password. My friend has seen, liveher playlists getting removed. She has payment information saved on the account meaning that **bleep** can leech on her bank-account for premium time, and maybe worse. She can't do anything to fight back. All she can do is log in via facebook and observe the changes.


She has obviously contacted support, but that takes over a day to respond, and she might even be greeted with the middle-finger that is an auto-response from a no-reply email. 


Wouldn't it be great if there was a button to simply lock the account? That way, noone would have access until Spotify fixes it.

Anyone with access to the account would be able to do it, and if you're afraid that some hacker-morron logs in and locks your account then that would be a clear case for Spotify to determine whose account it is, and force you to change your password afterwards whiche anyone should do in such a scenario anyway.


I haven't thought this through that much honestly. It's a rough idea I get while pissed at Spotify for not providing it's users with ANY way of protecting themselves once they've been attacked, rather forcing them to rely on slow support.

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