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Will we be able to download our music to other systems that are not part of the IPod team, such as a RCA MP3 Player


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Ahh, I've found the issue with this. It weighs 148g. So it's heavier than my current phone, and that's way too heavy.

Rhapsody let's you do it but if you don't update your device the songs dissapear. It's not rocket science. Why can't they do the same thing?




This is called a solution? I just got a new MP3 player and bought a pair of earbuds, now I find out that your lousy service won't allow me to put anything on my non iPod player. If I am going to have to buy CDs to have music on my player, I will darn well unsubscribe from your worthless "premium" service. This is what happens when competition is not allowed, which is typical in Socialist societies. The consumer gets screwed over, and the one business that monopolizes everything can flip off their customers and do what they want because they know people have nowhere else to go.

So, another Microsoft monopoly member. Thanks for nothing. Proprietary means the customer is screwed over.

And swimming. 

If I can't download to my MP3  I don't want this service....................bye

Spotify can download songs only if you  have ability for Spotify app.


I am sorry to hear you go, you can listen Spotify also for free on Desktop.

@AuroraSangue wrote:

This is INSANE, and makes me mad! -few years ago it was fully possible to download songs and playlist to MP3.

since I now suspect I suffer from electrowaves from networks and Wifi, I bought a new MP3player JUST in order to listen to my playlists when I´m running and going to work. How am I supposed to manage? not fair.....

Have you bought MP3 player advertised with Spotify compatibility?


MP3 player at the shop in the corner, doesn't mean it can be your Spotify guy... You most likely need Android phone, Apple phone or Windows phone (Spotify app on it bad) or MP3 player WITH ability to install Spotify app (usually means iOS or Android as operating system).


Spotify is downloading tracks as encoded fiels, so no single msuic player / device can see these as clear mp3 files and more over files of Spotify are OGG...

The recently announced Pebble Core will have Spotify support and will hopefully be a good solution. Unfortunately it is not scheduled for release until early 2017.

I just bought a Delphin player from Underwater Audio and it's Spotify compatible. The Delphin is completely waterproof and allows you to use Sportify premium, Pandora one, or Audible to download music or audiobooks onto the device when you have WiFi. You can use the Delphin's Bluetooth capabilities to pair it with waterproof Bluetooth headphones or connect it directly to waterproof headphones. It is currently available on Indiegogo for pre-orders, which are going to be shipped in July. It can also be purchased in July when the product gets officially released. I can't wait to listen to music in the pool!

No sollution found for download MP3 on my GPS ? so I will cancel my Premium Spotify, there is no use to keep it.

I am going to just now cancel my premium subscription because I have an mp3 player which it is not compatiable with . Thanks 

@JeanMcMahan wrote:

Will we be able to download our music to other systems that are not part of the IPod team, such as a RCA MP3 Player



I,m a premium subscriber but will now cancel as this is unfair. We pay handsomely for listening to music and should be able to use on other platforms other than apple. Seems like a cartel or unfair trading. A soon to be former subscriber.

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