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Marantz MCR 611

Marantz MCR 611


I have an ampli marantz MCR 611 for several months.
The ampli had an update last August. Since then, impossible to connect on it with spotify.
When I go on the page of help spotify about marantz, I do not see my ampli on the list ...

help please.

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The Marantz has many errors.

But found solution

The sound becomes the same volume when you turn the equaliser on SET ON NORMAL

You can't connect with the Marantz

Install Hi-Fi Remote

Play a track in Spotify and connect with Chromecast

Turn off the MCR 611 with the Marantz app

Close the Hi-Fi Remote app

Now go to Spotify and you see the MCR611 and can connect.

You lose connection with a push from another app or when the playlist has no tracks.


Before you reset the MCR 611 Make sure you turn the firewall off.


Reset you press the 2 small buttons and when you hold them pressed remove the power

After 2 minutes you press the two buttons and connect the power again, beware hold them down 20 seconds after connection

To solf the problems, you must reset the MCR with the small red buttons above the optical input.


But this reset only works when the firewall from the modem is shut off.

You reach the modem with the address, very often start with 192.168.178etc.etc. search for security, there is the firewall.

After all is working set the firewall on again.


The reset becomes possible after; removing the power cord while pressing the 2 red buttons, wait 2 minutes and press the 2 buttons and holding them pressed for 20 seconds after the reconnec the power cord.

Intall the Hi-Fi Remote app, open Spotify and play a track.

Open the Maranz app and choose optical input, optical cable isn't necessary.

Shutdown the MCR611 with the app and close the Hi-Fi Remote app.

Connection is now possible with Spotify. And when you install a WiFi Analyzer you can check the strength from the WiFi signal and when this is less then the Wifi from the  neighbours and on the same channel, change the channel on your Wifi modem 192.168.178.etc.etc Do not worry changing the channel isn't a problem for any smartphone or Chromecast.

This is the fourth time I am writing about this issue. You lose also connection when you're open the phone. Then repeat the handling play track in Spotify, open Hi-Fi Remote app and close or turn the MCR on(again) till you are able to use the optical setting in the Maranz app. When this is possible shut, using the Maranz app the MCR off and close the app.

It's odd that I must repeating myself, but that's the Maranz whom is acting crazy.

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