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My windows phone spotify problems.

My windows phone spotify problems.

I have so many problems with the new update of spotify on windows phone 930.


1. Musics stops in a few seconds.
2. Spotify appears offline mode even if the offline button is not turned on and my phone is connected to the internet.
3. Loading of the search, radio, and playlist is taking too long and sometimes failed to load.
4. And the last "the audio service could not be started"

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I can confirm similar issues with my Acer Liquid M220 Windows 8.1 phone. My phone has only 4 GB built-in memory, but I added a 16 GB Flash card and I configured the phone to store application data there.


In my case the problem seems to be that Spotify looses its connection to the network very often when it's synchronizing. This happens even I stand next to the access point of any of the three different networks I have access to. In this situation the phone becomes slow and unresponsive, it often get stuck.


I've been listening and downloading at medium quality. After switching to low quality the problem is not solved but seems to be slightly better (not sure).


It's very difficult to describe the problem in its details, because the behaviour and the messages are not always the same.


Sigh now we cant full enjoy spotify premium.

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