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No sound from Samsung TV to optical output (not solved!)

No sound from Samsung TV to optical output (not solved!)

Older posts on this topic say they solve it by logging in on the TV, not the app. This does not work for me. Every other Samsung app will play out through the tv speakers and the optical out at the same time, allowing me to mix them as I please. The only way the Spotify app will do this, either logged in directly or streaming from my phone (my preferred way) is to uninstall the app on the tv and then re-install. Then it works ONCE and I have to do it all again. If I change the sound setting on the tv to "optical out" I get no sound anywhere.


Has anyone really figured out a solution to this?








Nexus 6P, Samsung TV purchased 2018

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Hey @jmnorvell,


After reinstalling, does it work to listen to one of the output options without any issues?


Also, make sure to reinstall the app on your phone as well as on the TV. 


Lastly, do you have any options to control what app will use what output method, and if so, did you try checking the options there? 


We can't guarantee that we can help you out from here, and this might be better handled by the folks at Samsung, so please make sure to check with them as well. 



Sometimes it doesn't work at all no matter what I do. Let me get this straight... You want me to reinstall the Samsung app and reinstall the Android phone app EVERY TIME I WANT TO LISTEN TO SPOTIFY ON MY TV?


No other Samsung app has any problems with audio output. They all send sound to the TV speaker and optical out both, every time. What is wrong with the Spotify app?!

Hey there @jmnorvell,


Thanks for getting back in touch. Apologies for the confusion 🙂


Just to confirm, from what I understand, the issue is that the app doesn't make any sounds from both outputs when switching to your "optical out" option while using Spotify Connect or on the TV app directly. Is that correct?


In that case, have you tried checking the troubleshooting steps here?


We'll be keeping an eye on your reply!

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I figured it out guys! On your TV go to settings>sound>expert settings>digital output audio format. Make sure you set it to PCM and it should work now.

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