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Not sure what the problem is

Not sure what the problem is

I cannot get Eagles music I own that is stored on my local drive to play using my SB Touch regardless of what playlist I out it in or if it is starred.  I do not really understand offline syncing well  but is it an offline syncing issue?  If so pls tell me how to sync or is it just not possible to play local files on a SB Touch.  Getting ready to bale on Spotify because of this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Spotify app on Squeezebox doesn't quite support local files yet - however, there are other options for doing that on your Squeezebox. Logitech have an FAQ on that here -

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Well David thank you finally for your response to the question and when spotify does quite support local files on the squeezebox I will quite rejoin premium.  I seems I can use airplay to get individual songs to play from lets say my Ipad to my airplay compatible receiver but is there a way I can get an entire playlist tp air play to the receiver?

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