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Once again requesting a block/remove followers feature.

Once again requesting a block/remove followers feature.

Dear Spotify Team, 

      I apologize in advance for this rather lengthy post. In recent years, Spotify has been pushing to become more of a social platform in addition to a music streaming service. The new component of the application is welcome for numerous reasons. Friends and family are able to see the artists and songs they like, share playlists and new music with one another, as well as work on collaborative playlists together. The list goes on. Despite this, the feature also brings negatives. Anyone is able to follow any account. Everyone knows at least one person who they would avoid at all costs. Whether it is an ex-lover, ex-friend, co-worker, stranger, or mortal enemy, there are some people who we are not comfortable around.


     Due to this, many have requested a "block follower" feature in the past. There is even a vote for it that has been classified as a "good idea" here:


     It has almost been exactly 5 years since that was requested, yet in 2018, this feature is still not available. In those 5 years, we have been told temporary workarounds, but no actual solutions. Long ago, I've privated all of my playlists, stopped publishing my activity, and stopped showing my current top artists. Basically, the only "fix" is to hide away everything. This is a problem for those who would still like to share their current musical interests with certain family members and friends. The only other "solution" would be to make a new account. Users with thousands of songs within their hundreds of playlists will have to migrate them to a new account. The new account can then be ruined if followed by the same person who caused the new account in the first place. I've already contacted customer support numerous times, but I've only been linked the previously mentioned vote, or have been instructed to do the options listed above.


     How is it that a complex algorithm for Discover Weekly exists within Spotify, but a simple block feature is missing? As a long time premium user, I speak for many when I ask for the addition of this option.


Thank you for reading.

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To whom it may concern: 




I am having the same issue. Except I have A LEGAL PERMANT RESTRAINING ORDER on someone, and yet all I keep getting from your REPS is: "We will forward this to the proper channels." Nothing is ACTUALLY being done about it.... Now they have allowed my stalker access to mine, and my spouse's music lists. Despite begging them in the chat room for the past two days, I have been looking into other legal avenues. 




I have blatently even told #Spotify, that if they refuse to protect my privacy online, I will find another music provider, and take my money else where. NOTHING.... Just that they will forward the information... NO NOT GOOD ENOUGH! PROTECT YOUR USERS, OR START TO SEE A DECLINE IN USER ACTIVITIES.... 


This woman has continually stalked us, threatned us, attacked me, followed me EVERYWHERE possible online, and now including spotify... The one place I go to get away, is with my music. And I can't even do that in peace now... ESPECIALLY KNOWING SHE'S ON MY FOLLOWER'S LIST!!! 


I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this is. I have the court order in hand.... but yet they still BLATENTLY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT STALKERS ON SPOTIFY.... I'm seeing threads in the community, dating ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2012!!!! of other's begging for this feature as well. I mean... really?!?! It's apuling that Spotify doesn't care about our safety, or peace of mind on their muisc app.... WHY ARE WE HAVING TO BEG YOU FOR A BLOCK FEATURE!? CLEARLY YOU DON'T GAF ABOUT ANYONE'S SAFETY, OR PEACE OF MIND... I MEAN REALLY?! ARE YOU REALLY THAT DENSE THAT YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT COLLECTING OUR MONEY? 


So as long as they are supporting and enabling violent preditors, My money will no longer go into thier company. Maybe when they decide our money, is worth protecting our privacy over... MAYBE I might come back.... But SPOTIFY, blatently DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY OR PEACE OF MIND.... All they seem to care about is TAKING OUR MONEY!!!! 

I wholeheartedly agree with both of you but I believe these suggestions are supposed to go into Ideas so that the Spotify team knows where to look. 



Have a good day, Flap 

 So I canceled my Spotify subscription two months ago. Well a few days ago they not only charged my card but admitted to my boyfriend that they were going to double charge me ...  it took him getting into the chat room and cussing them out before my subscription was even canceled. I even sent in my documentation regarding my restraining order and my stalker , and they did nothing. Further proving my point that they do not give any care about any of us other than the money that comes out of our pocket .....

 I have been in the chat room with them just about every day. And every single time I have asked them for this I have gotten the same thing; “ Will forward this to the proper channels “.......  then all they keep doing is taking my money and nothing ever gets done ....  and yes even after canceling my subscription they’re still trying to charge my card ......  tell me how does that show me they care about me other than my money ?????

 They have post in this forum dating back to 2012, with people asking for the same exact feature. You think if they cared about is they would’ve implemented that by now right ?!

2021, & Spotify continues to prove how little they value their users opinions. 👎👎👎 But they just rolled out HUGE “updates” for the desktop and apps. 


If you haven’t yet, it’s time to start canceling subscriptions, and pulling boycotts of companies that don’t protect user’s privacy rights. 


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