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Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.


Onkyo reciever not showing in Spotify Connect list.

Hi there,

I have an Onlyo NR-616 with the latest firmware, when I open Spotify Connect on my mobile device (Samsung S3) my Onkyo reciever is not listed. How can I remedy this?

Thanks in advance


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Correction, the output is not fibreoptic but analog.

Great solution, thanks!  I could not change the machine name on my TX-NR515, but you can change the Friendly name.  It was simply set to Onkyo, and I changed it to Onkyo Stereo and hit Save, and then it showed up.  I think it has to do with refreshing the network information somehow.  

Paul, the sound is analog or digital?

It works with Onkyo TX-NR616

I had to install last firmware update and the Spotify App that previously asks you about your spotify account now it works as Spotify Connect device.


I'm using compatible TP-Link USB wifi device.






This is so f*cking amazing that Onkyo hasn't spread this solution since it works like a charm!
I got an Onkyo TX-NR646 where Spotify Connect hasn't worked since the latest firmware update (in 2017)...but when I followed your advice not using anything but letters/numbers in the nickname setting under networks, everything worked lika a charm. Changed from TX-NR646 to're a true hero, THANX 🙂

For your info I've mailed Onkyo support in Europe accordingly:



Spotify Connect not working on Onkyo home cinema receivers with wifi...SOLUTION!


Just wanted to help other fellow citizens with the Spotify Connect issue, where the Onkyo receiver does not show up in the list of units or doesn't play (applies both android and desktop Spotify versions).
According to the user "luigidelgado1" @ the Spotify forum community, you should not use anything but letters/numbers in the nickname setting under networks, doing that I can now use Spotify Connect without any issues.
What I did was changing the nick name from TX-NR646 to TXNR646!
Must say "shame on you" not supporting this to everyone since this has damaged the Onkyo brand among your faithful customers 😞
Please fix/support this to other customers (seems to apply to all of your latest wifi receivers with Spotify Connect functionality) as soon as possible because I've suffered from this issue for 6 months now and even considered changing to another home cinema receiver brand due to this...thanks to "luigidelgado1" @ the Spotify forum community, I'm now a happy customer again, unfortunately not thanks to you...learn from this and protect your brand from now on, because besides this issue you got great products!


Link to the forum:


Ken Win
Onkyo TX-NR646 user


What makes it more incredible is that I posted the solution to the problem almost 3 years ago. 


... and they are the experts.

Hey there,


I tried this solution, however it did not help with my TX-NR616.


It shows up as "TXNR616" in my various Apps (Phone/Laptop/...) but whenever I try to connect, it's name becomes grey in the showing "Connectiong..." and after a few seconds it's available showing "Spotify Connect" - so no connection possible.


Anyone else with this problem?

I have a tx-nr1030 and it won't show in my spotify app even though i changed the display name to txnr1030 and I have spotty premium.  Please help.

Spotify has limited its support to a certain nummer of Onkyo receivers. Solution: buy a Chromecast Audio device, connect it to your receiver, connect it to your wifi and use it together with the Onkyo app.

That's not really a solution. I have a tx 414 and since I moved I can no longer connect using Spotify connect. It's really annoying since I paid for it and have a premium subscription so I expect it to work. 

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