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Parrot Asteroid Smart missing 'download only by Wi-Fi'

Parrot Asteroid Smart missing 'download only by Wi-Fi'

Hi there,


Currently I own a Parrot Asteroid Smart for 3 months now.

Right after installation, I installed Spotify.

I am like 4 years Premium member, so this is ideal for this Parrot to listnen offline.


Suddenly, after an update of Spotify, the check-box is missing with the function to only download albums when the system is connected by Wi-Fi. The first time after this update the system went on, and used all my bluetooth connected mobile data (1GB) within 2 hours of running. (And this was just the 3rd day of my new data month)


Is it possible to get this function back? Or is there any possibility to set Spotify to only download by Wi-Fi.


Clicking 'Offline mode' won't help: already tested this function.



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estefan,   I am thinking about replacing my car radio with the Parrott specifically to get Spotify; 

how did you get the app on to the unit? 



There is an Parrot Market on the unit available. There you can download the Spotify app.

You first need to register your account and unit at the Parrot Market on your PC.

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