Partnership proposal. Telecommunication operator


Partnership proposal. Telecommunication operator



Dear Spotify team! 

My name is Vyacheslav (Slav) and i represent the Russian telecommunication company that provides the broadband connection and tv services all over the county.

First of all let me thank you for a great job all of you had done to come to Russian fed. and for the creation of the music service that make each of us have a chance to get access to enormous music library almost anywhere. 

I'm highly interested in collaboration and making a special offer for our subscribers to help them enjoy the coolest music streaming service taking into account that Spotify rushed into the Russian market in August.

My colleagues send the email with partnership proposal about 2 weeks ago. Would you be so kind to redirect the proposal to marketing department or share the contacts of those who are in charge of business expansion. 

Please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you. 

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Hey there @Grivertima


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community. Unfortunately the Community aren't able to help you out here, I'd recommend reaching out to the Spotify for Brands team through this Contact Form who will have someone reach out to you who's best placed to help here.


All the best,