Philips Fidelio A1: Spotify stop working

Philips Fidelio A1: Spotify stop working


  since last few days my spotify does not work anymorre on my Philips Fidelio A1 (Firmware V H5.80 S). I can log in, but then no playlist and when I try to use any other functions it tells me that there is no connection to Spotify, even if the Fidelio is connected to the internet (I verified it).

Any idea??


Thanks, Ilario

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I have Philips fidelio system too and since last week I have not been able to connect to spotify using the airstudio+ app by Philips. I have an empty playlist and when I try to search spotify I receive a message that I have not been connected to spotify. I have not changed my password or any other acount settings and using the same login details I can enter and use the spotify application on phone tablet or laptop. I have contacted Philips about this but they are of no help. I hope spotify can solve this issue.



I installed Deezer and it works on the Fidelio. If Spotify does not solve the issue I'll simply cancel my subscription.



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