Playlist won't work and I can't delete it


Playlist won't work and I can't delete it


I created a playlist yesterday on my Android mobile, downloaded it and went offline to try to listen to it (I am currently a premium user), but when I opened it on mobile it got stuck on the loading screen and when I tried to access the menu it came up with "Go online to see menu".

I tried opening it again when I had access to wifi but it still came up with the same problem, but the playlist name, image and number of songs in the playlist is still there. However, when I tried to access the playlist on desktop, the playlist just appears as "Loading..." and won't open or play. I can access the menu on desktop but when I click delete nothing happens. The playlist link takes me to a page that says "Sorry, could't find that" so I'm assuming the playlist just doesn't exist anymore, but it still shows that it's there on all platforms.

I was hoping someone would have a solution to help me be able to delete it, or if it still exists, to possibly retrieve it, thanks.

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