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Playlists not loading on NowTV

Playlists not loading on NowTV

Noticed today (21/03/17) that my playlists are not loading onto the NowTV Spotify app. Never happened before. There is not even a Playlist section just Search, What's New, Top Tracks, Accounts. I reloaded the app and also logged out and in again (I use login via Facebook option) Playlists are fine on my laptop app and Amazon fire app. Please help. Andrew

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Hey there @AndrewDLarkin57 and @Sheywood, welcome both to the community!


This seems to be a current issue that Spotify is aware of. Please add your feedback in this thread as well as keep an eye there for any updates 🙂


Hope this helps!


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Fix this please Spotify.

Not acceptable

Roku technical support admit thay they have caused the problem which they blame on Spotify !  Would Spotify please sort this out with the Roku people.

Having exactly the same problem - bought the box specifically so I could use Spotify on my TV!! Hope it get's sorted soon


My son and daughter have lost the playlist on Spotify on both now accounts.
Is there a work around? This is a nightmare being as it's the holidays. I'm glad I have not yet upgraded to Spotify family as I would only be able to us one account.

Please advise.

Exactly the same - how is this still an issue after this thread started 4 months ago?

it's now october and i'm having this problem, i also can't use my phone to connect the tv and play it that way, is there any way to sort this?

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