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Please Help with Starred playlist.

Please Help with Starred playlist.

I have searched the starred playlist topics, and have yet to find the answer solution, if anyone could please help, I would appreciate it. 


My starred playlist was great until a few weeks ago.  Then I stopped being able to add to it.  Dragging and dropping songs doesn't work, adding through other means does not work either.  I finally gave up trying to add to it.

I have resigned myself to using another custom playlist, but I want to add the whole collection of music from my starred playlist to my new one.  The issue is I cannot see the list of songs because it never loads in my web browser player.  I have tried it in multiple browsers at home, and at work, and my starred playlist does not show up in the desktop application. 

Any info on what's going on with the starred playlist, or how to transfer it to another one if the tracks cannot be selected?   

Any help would be appreciated. 




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