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Podcasts Won’t Play

Podcasts Won’t Play






(iPhone XS, iPhone 6s, Dell Laptop, HP Laptop)

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(iOS 10, Windows 10)


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I am always getting an error when I try to listen to Tony Bruski’s podcasts “Real Ghost Stories Online”, and “The Grace Talks”. On occasion, any/every podcast I try to listen to throws an error. But these two podcasts, in particular, have not played for months. I pay for Spotify monthly, yet I cannot listen to podcasts I pay for. I have reached out to the owner of these podcasts, Tony Bruski, who has told me that this is a Spotify issue that Spotify has not fixed. 


I have tried to listen to these podcasts with no avail on my iPhone 6s, and then my iPhone XS after upgrading, both of my laptops, and both the desktop app and the web player throw errors.


Please fix the playing problem. Most common error I get: 

“Sorry! You can’t play this content while connected to another device.” 

I am only log into one device at a time so I don’t get this error....

Please advise.


PS... reCAPTCHA on this page looks like it is designed to fail, too.

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Hey @tomosieskiDev.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this 🙂


Do you mind asking someone else to log in with their account on one of your devices and see if they're experiencing the same issue?


If they aren't, then there might be something up with your account. Let us know if that's the case and we'll tell you what to do next 😉

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