Problems with wi-fi connection on Nokia N8 (Symbian)

Problems with wi-fi connection on Nokia N8 (Symbian)


Hi! My mobile loses connection as soon as I login on Spotify with wifi network, No problem with the rest of applications (browser, whatsapp, maps, weather, etc), or with the 3G connection. Spotify runs perfectly on PC on that network, Thanks!

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dear friend I have the same problem, paying premium subscription 6 years and now give us a kick in the butt. send message of support to them and see if they answer. Cheers


This problem has been discussed previusly here


So, they are saying that:
"We no longer officially support Symbian devices as a platform for Spotify.


Please note there will not be any further updates for this app."



So please, go and add kudos for "Update Symbian application"-request, and maybe they will do something about this @Spotify !

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