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Purposefully inconveniencing users is a *bleep* tactic.

Purposefully inconveniencing users is a *bleep* tactic.

Hey! So I use Spotify all the time on my Xbox, and PC, both for free. Now, both of those are great. They work perfectly for what I want them to do, and are a great experience. I don't at all mind the ads, because i mean, it's a much better service compared to everything else. 


But then you go to mobile.. and it all goes to sh**. I mean, trying to make literally everything locked behind a paywall, such as trying to listen to the song you want to, not being forced onto shuffle, having a limited number of skips (6 per HOUR) , it's just extremely excessive. I have no problem having like, an ad every 5-10 minutes to get rid of this stuff. I also wouldn't mind having multiple ads in a row. 


Beggars can't be choosers, I know. But purposefully inconveniencing people who use the app is just a sh*try marketing tactic. And if it's the only way you can get people to subscribe to Spotify premium, maybe you're not making it enticing enough. 


You don't get someone to buy your cookies by throwing all their groceries down on the floor if they don't buy them. You get them to buy your cookies by making them better than everyone else's. 


Not going to reply to comments, it's just a rant. These are just annoying tactics, dude. Why such a downgrade when going to mobile? 

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