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Queued tracks will not play if added to an empty queue

Queued tracks will not play if added to an empty queue

I'm using the Spotify Web Player in Firefox on Windows 7.  I like to explore new artists and check out albums I have never heard before. However, if the album sucks after a few songs, I want to easily be able to remove it from my queue.  If you hit the play button on an album, it will start playing it, and add the tracks to your queue, but they will not be available as part of the X CLEAR QUEUE button and I have to actually play through each freaking song to get it out of the way.


SO, my work around is to use the "add to queue" option on an album (available from the ... menu). However, if my queue is empty, I can't get it to play when I go to the queue. I try the play button on the right panel, the play button next to the songs, and nothing happens.  It's like you have to click the play button icon over a song or album from somewhere else in the UI to trigger the queue.


Am I doing something wrong? 


PS Spotify can you please add a button that will just wipe out the whole queue?

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