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Re Denon CEOL

Re Denon CEOL

Hi all, and Happy New Tear to you all.

I see from the forums that some lucky people have been able to use Spotify on the above device. Is this a region specific option, or is it only available on the latest RCD N-8, Piccolo etc.





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it's mostly a lottery thing at this point. Neither Denon or Spotify will help you though.

As for myself I tend to think chances are slimer to make it work if you have loads of playlists in your spotify account, spotify API being abysmally bad at it (ie if you can't even maintain spotify connection with tomahawk / clementine players using spotify api, no way to buy denon to get spotify, it only can be worse)



now for the official part :

.it's officially supported on ceol n5 (piccolo)  / n8. but not older models (N7)

.it's supposed to work in the same countries as spotify (ie France here)


now if only we could access our accounts... (1 month later and still impossible to connect with denon. and NO meaningful answer from both denon UK & France)

Thank you for your reply, it is a shame that neither Spotify or Denon will give a concrete answer to the issues. I think that I will continue streaming through Airplay and cancel my Spotify subscription.

OK, first thing first: I had a problem with my DLNA server (Twonky) which made it non-responsive. That made a mess for my DENON CEOL N8 unit. 


Then, I have had spotify working most of the time, but not all the time. But for the last few days, it was like dead end. I could from time to time make the unit begin playing a tune, but after a few (5?) seconds it stopped, and just showed the playlists again.


 I did add a few playlists lately, so I did try to remove some lists, bringing down the total number of playlists to about 70. Now it works fine, at least for some testing right now.


I hope this could be to temporary rescue for the people out there, and a clue for those engineers at DENON I assume are working day and night on this issue....



I have exactly the same problem with my Denon CEOL N-8 unit.


Did you already found a solution to fix this? Or can anyone else help me out?


It also occurs with smaller playlists of 10 songs.


Looking forward to your reply,


HEY there!


With the Firmware Update this Week the DENON CEOL N8 now supports Spotify Connect!!! GREAT!!! I never thougt this update would happen after all the years! 


Spotify now dissapears from Menu – but now therefore the great Spotify Connect Feature is there!

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