Remove Track Bug?

Remove Track Bug?


I find I have duplicates on my playlists/Song list and when I try to remove one of the two or multiple, it sometimes (not always), will remove both tracks.


I am unable to grab a sample screen shot as it doesn't always happen when I remove duplicate. It happens often but not every time.

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Hi @SweetNAMese, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you let us know the model of the device this is happening with, the operating system, and version of Spotify you're using?


When removing or adding songs to a playlist, we suggest to do it from the app in a desktop computer if possible. To remove any songs, you only need to select the song and press "Del" or "Delete" on your keyboard. If you want to delete multiple songs at once, you can click on each song while you press and hold Ctrl.


Also, when adding a song to a playlist, you'll receive a pop up message letting you know that the song is in the playlist if it's already there. You'll have the option to skip the duplicates or continue.


Let us know how it goes, or if you have questions.

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Hi Julian,


Sorry on my delayed response.


The device I have is OnePlus 3. I also have the same problem on my computer (Mac and PC). Spotify version is armV7 (mobile) and (PC).


I am aware of the alert on "already on the list" - which is great. Sometimes it doesn't work because there are multiple tracks with the same names (or on different EP/albums/featuers), so it would add multiple. So when I do some tidying up of my whole music list ("Songs"), there likely will have a few duplicates, so when I remove of the two (same titled by same artist), it will remove both at times.

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