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Reset Discover Weekly

Reset Discover Weekly

Hi all
I loved the Discover Weekly feature of spotify, it was fantastic. However, one day a friend of mine came by and listened to some electronic music for a few hours. Now, for the past month, even though  I've fed it with my regular listening habbits, it does not stop reccomending 30 annoying songs that are in no way related to me. Can I somehow reset my account, tabula rasa, so that I might be able to re-teach spotify what I like? I must stress it worked superbly in the past. Might I also suggest an "incognito mode" where you can force it to not remember a particular listening session.

I apologise if this is not the correct place to post- I am new to this forum, and I mainly use WP7 spotify.

Kind regards 

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I also want to erase it.


I don't listen other than EDM music and some rap and hip hop tunes are coming up every week onto the list with all the time bleep and bleep around. I am really mad already because of this function and tryin to avoid using it.


Any option? No one hacked my account, no one listens my account. Why hip hop?

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