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Roku Premiere+ won't load playlists

Roku Premiere+ won't load playlists

I've had this Roku Premiere+ for about 3 months now- never had an issue with the Spotify app until yesterday. It wouldn't open at first so I restarted my Roku- that allowed the app to open, but then it got stuck on a black 'loading' box when I tried to open my playlists. I closed and opened later and it only found a starred playlist- one problem, I can't star any songs because I don't have a starred option in my spotify player for Mac? It never showed up as an option for me and it's not in my list of playlists. I tried manually creating a starred playlist but that didn't work. 

I can search for a song and play that, and top tracks will play(too bad I only like one song on there right now), but for the life of me I can't get it to load MY playlists. So frustrating. 

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Spotify on my Roku Ultra and Roku 3 don't do a very good job at loading playlists either. We have mutilple accounts that we're switching to and it's always a waiting game to see if the playlist that I want to play will eventually load. Some playlists never load.


Spotify needs to give a little attention to their Roku channel.

This is really ridiculous. With the technology available today, these people should be ashamed to release such a horrible product. The app on the iPhone is awesome but it's no use if I can't play it through the roku on my tv and stereo system. How hard could this really be? Everyone has a cloud based system today that easily switches from a phone, to the web, to a tv! This is totally aggravating!

same issue here with the Premiere+
forever loading playlists since 2 or 3 weaks ago..

i already try everything, the spotify app on the roku sucks

I am having the same issue on my ROKU 3 as well as my Marantz SR7008. Ive been with spotify for almost 4 years now, but this is the 1st time something like this has happened!!!


I am having the same issue on my Roku Premiere.
Spotify channel won't load playlists.


I talked with customer service. They have no clue when it will be fixed. Cancelled my subscription today. Amazon music also does not allow you to stream custom playlists to the roku. The best way that works is slacker premium. I'm happy with that! Music back on the stereos!!

**bleep**, are they serious?
I just bougth the ROKU for the SPOTIFY Channel, since my SHARP TV doesnt have Spotify...

I also have a NAD+PSB Stereo System that cant play Spotify...


Im really pissed off

Having same problems last 2 or 3 weeks on both my Roku Ultra and Roku 3. This really sucks as I am paying for a Premium subscription and have to listen to Slacker with commercials half the time. Get with it Spotify!! I moved from Slacker and had no reason to go back before this.

I have Premium, not Premium+, and am having the same problem with my Roku stick. Before getting Roku, I had tried using the Amazon TV Stick and I couldn't get it to load Spotify at all. With the Roku, I've founf that anytime I'm logged out from the app, I have to do a restart of the Roku stick. If I don't, any track I try to play is paused and will not respond to any play commands. That's been a minor annoyance,but this not being able to load my playlist is ridiculous.

Hey Everyone,

There's a thread about this problem over in the "Ongoing Issues" list with a response from Support. They are saying that it's "Under Investigation", and it's got a vote button. I'm assuming it's a way for them to give the issue some weight. Go to the link below and click on Vote if you have this issue...


I'm having the same issue.  I have contacted Spotify through Twitter and also directly.  All they are saying is, it is under investigation with the technical team, however they do NOT have a fix date.

I think I will also be cancelling my subscription as it is difficult to hear on a small device when you have family and friends over.  The purpose is to be able to enjoy music through the TV for the stereo and volume.

It was working fine until about 3 weeks ago.  It's a shame that they don't even consider giving their customers a refund or at least a better time frame.  Spotify went as far as blaming Roku TV, however if it was the TV you wouldn't be able to play anything and you can play new tracks.  It doesn't load playlists or allow you to add or create a new playlist.

This is the latest problem. There is no playlist option at all on the Roku menu

I thought I was the only one having this problem. I use Spotify through my Roku tv and it never gave me any problems whatsoever. Go to log in today so listen to music and all my playlists have vanished! I was literally going nuts trying to figure out what happened. Couldn't figure it out and was getting so frustrated until I stumbled upon this thread. I just want to be able to listen to Spotify which I pay $15.89 a month for.

Having the same problem. up until about 2 weeks ago, my playlists were loading and even with removing the app then redownloading they're not loading. it sucks because all that's available is search and top tracks. Spotify, get it together. if your app can be so nice at least make the Roku app have playlists - you're worth billions.  

I am having this same issues, I just noticed it yesterday when I switched from a Premium account to a Family account.  Now on my Roku there isn't even a Playlist option listed.

I ve tried on my samsungs TVs and same issue on samsungs Apps

this is too much, no spotyfy for any TVs even with roku, just on my cellphone and computer, I dont understand how a big company like this, can do this...

Sirs, Roku eliminates the Spotify playlists! incredible, Roku is the problem not Spotify. Roku saids that have problems with the sincronization and decide to eliminate the playlists, not works in the solution. 

what about Samsung Smart TVs

also Samsungs Problem, not Spotify?

is a different APP and an entire different platform


My Roku TV remote, has the SPOTYFI button, any idea how to change it?


Even if thats true, stills Spotyfi responsability

I do no think that Roku is the issue. I have Spotify on my Marantz receiver and my play list are not working on there. I also have a Panasonic tv and the playlists don't show up there!

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