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Samsung Gear S3 "stuck on loading" in Spotify widget/app

Samsung Gear S3 "stuck on loading" in Spotify widget/app

Hi guys (and girls)

I have a Gear S3 (watch), and i am a premium member of spotify


Though i have encountered some really anoying problems past weeks.. i have about 1.5gb downloded songs that i want to use with the watch's "offline" mode in spotify app.


But when i have used it for some time, maybe i need to charge the watch, or just don't use it in a few hours - and start the spotify widet, i get stuck in the "loading screen"


I can see that latest listened song in the background, and i have the "green circle" swoshing around over it.. but it just keeps going, and i never get in to the widget/app.


Im on the verge to return this peice of... 
Every time this happen i have to reset the watch (total wipe out),

and download all playlists again + other apps + install samsung pay

Yes, total reset.. ive tried to just uninstall/force stop the program/widget,

but that does not help at all, when restarting it's stuck on the loading again..

This is utterly anoying, because the watch seems great!

Can someone help?

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