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Every time I try to log in on my Spotify account on my Gear S3 Frontier. It writes back "Unable to log in"

Is there a specific reason for that?

Btw, I live in Denmark.

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Hey there, @Pap02


Thanks for coming to the Community, we'd love to try and help!

Is this happening on any other devices you use Spotify on?

Also, does restarting the device help?

If you're able to send us a picture of the error you're getting, that'd be super helpful too 🙂


In the meantime, we'd recommend checking out the info here:


Keep us posted,

Exact same thing happens to me, also live in denmark and th S3 Frontier is the only device i cant log in from.... tried both facebook and spotify login ..same problem

Were you able to solve this problem? I also have the same problem.

unfortunetly not so far


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