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[Samsung Smart TV] Spotify playlists not complete

[Samsung Smart TV] Spotify playlists not complete


I bought a Samsung TV, model UE40F6345SBXXE, to be able to listen to Spotify. The problem is that the Spotify app only shows a fraction of my playlists in the TV. Most of my playlists I cant see. 


Does anyone know how I could see all the playlists? The playlists are marked as visible on my Spotify account on the computer, ipad and iphone. 



14 Replies

Are the playlists actually missing or greyed out?

They are totally missing. 

Sounds strange if you are logged into the same account. Have you tried uninstalling the spotify app on your Samsung TVand checking that your firmware is up to date in Support/Software Update

I contacted Samsung and I think I have to update the firmware. I will try this, and get back to you. 

Hope it works out for you 🙂

I have now updated to the latest firmware. Still doesn't work. Still just se my 10 first playlists. Rest of them aren't there.

Any other suggestions from you? 🙂

It just shows my first 10 playlists. If I change the order and take list number 15 and move it up to number 8, it will show on my Samsung TV. If I move the list back to place 15, it will disappear again. So....however I sort the lists, it will always just show the first 10. 

This may be related to an apparent bug in my Samsung TV Spotify app:


My playlist collection consists of both playlists and playlist folders. If number 10 from the top in the collection is an actual playlist, then the full list appears to show up on the TV. However, if number 10 from the top is a playlist *folder*, then it is followed on the TV by the *contents* of the same playlist folder, while the rest of the top-level playlists and folders don't show up at all.

It is the exact same thing for me. 

It is the exact same thing for me. So, it is a bug? Do you know anything about Spotify fixing this bug? 

I have solved the problem. By adding a playlist on every 10th place, I now can see all the playlists and folders on Spotify. 

Same problem here. Only contents of one of my playlist folders shows. Insanely frustrating.

... Which also happens to be the 10th item on the list, after "Starred".

I just checked and I can reproduce this as follows.


  • In the desktop client, move a playlist folder to position 11 (Starred being position 1)
  • Launch spotify on your smart TV and only the first 11 playlists/folders show followed by all the playlists in the 11th folder
  • Selecting the folder does nothing and the remaining lists/folders don't show




Make sure that the 11th playlist is not a folder.


I've started a new bug topic.but it won't hurt to contact Samsung support in the meantime.


I'm locking this thread and any further comments relating to this bug should be posted in the relevant bug topic, thanks.

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