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Search and Whats New no longer working on Marantz Nr1504


Search and Whats New no longer working on Marantz Nr1504

Like other people, spotify not working on Search and Whats New, starred tracks and bookmarks work fine. See many other brands also having similar problems, what is wrong?



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also on my Marantz m-cr610

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I have a na-11s1


I have following spotify submenus: Search, What's new, Starred, Playlists and Accounts. 

Using search it will reboot spotify after hanging for around 65 seconds

Whats new will show empty after hanging for 30 seconds

Starred is showing empty after hanging for 30 seconds

Playlists is the only thing working. It contains discover weekly playlist which I can use. 


Any my help would be appreciated. Tried resetting the microprocessor and signing out and in again without any difference. 



Same problem here…

Same problems with Marantz M-CR610!

Sr 6008

Same here, reset everything, still not working. logged this with marantz UK last Friday, awaiting a response now.

I too have the same problem with M-CR610. Possible that no one responds to a solution?

Same issue on M-CR510

Same issue.
I already tried factory reset on the device (mcr610), manually setting ip address, disconnect all the devices from spotify, changing my device password. Nothing worked.

I also have the same problem, playlists works just fine but search crashes Nr1504 exactly as described earlier.


Hope they find the solution soon, search is the most important tool imo.

Marantz SR5007 since one week same symptoms. 

I wrote the german support. But its like you write a machine. the answers are like a formatted text...

Marantz customer service just replied to my mail telling that for now is a known issue of their devices, they are working on it to fix, (they blame spotify for the issue, obviously). I'll keep you updated.
EDIT: added a screenshot from their reply


its not only a marantz problem. Onkyo and Denon have the same problem!

I had the same answer from Marantz. Spotify changed something… they must have… nobody touched my receiver and no update was made. They are looking for a solution. Meanwhile we keep paying 😉

Same Issue on my TX-NR509. Search dosent work anymore...Please fix it!

Have you all made a question for this to spotify customer service?


Note: "Please bear in mind that the Community is not an official Spotify support service. It's a place where we all help each other, whether we work for Spotify or not. So please use your discretion when using the forum."


So i suggest everyone should report this issue to customer care to put more weight to it!

Yes i habe it @ both Spotify and Onkyo...

Sehr geehrter Herr David Kunz,

wir haben das Problem an Onkyo Japan weitergegeben, da in den letzten Tagen vermehrt aussetzter bis zu nicht funktionieren des Accounts.
Wir werden es mit Spotify abklären und bitten Sie um geduld.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Sincere Regards

Customer Care

Pioneer & Onkyo Europe GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 3
82178 Puchheim / Germany

I wrote to the support to but every time another agent was answering and  there was no connections between the answers. And I had the feeling the answers are coming from a computer with formatted text.


danke für Deine Rückmeldung. Gerne helfen wir Dir mit der Denon Unterschtützung. Es tut uns Leid für die Missverständnisse.
Du solltest den Router aus, - und wieder einschalten. Schaue, bitte, ob Deine Firmware nicht die Connect Funktion blockt.
Auch stelle sicher, dass die Android Version für Connect geeignet ist. Mehr Info dazu findest Du hier und hier.
Wir hoffen das hilft. Wenn Du jedoch weitere Fragen hast oder mehr Hilfe brauchst, kannst Du Dich immer an uns wenden.

Viele Grüße,


Spotify Customer Support

Same issue here with no Spotify search functionality on Marantz MCR610. Lack of a response from both Marantz and Spotify is astounding

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