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Send To not working

Send To not working

Can't send or receive playlists to a friend.  Followed the procedure but can't find her Spotify username on the Send To search, nor can she find my username.

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Hey there - award winning artist here.


You can find your friend better if you connect to Facebook. This feature will not show usernames or names without FACEBOOK connection.


However, if you can't afford Facebook or don't want to connect account to it, I know your choose.


It's still possible to message friend about greatest song of the last year. Just follow!


Go to site and from Messages send track or you can even discuss here like in Messenger. You still remember MSN? Legend. Five years ago we really had a lot of fun on MSN after school for hours!


Also if you start to follow your friend, you can send messages more easily thru your phone using exactly the same feature.



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