Skips multiple songs, then stops music altogether. (Web Player)

Skips multiple songs, then stops music altogether. (Web Player)




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Ubuntu (Chrome 58.0)


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I logged into my webplayer and was surprised when I attempted to play a song from my library on shuffle. It skipped two songs on my queue and played ten seconds of the new song until it stopped completely. I tried it on a playlist and without shuffle mode; same issue (only it skipped more songs instead).


The problem is still occuring on my computer. I logged out and back in, changed a few settings, then cleared some cookies and logged out of my Spotify mobile app (because I suspected it was my phone that had something to do with it), but the web player won't play anything. I also tried it on Firefox, but to no avail.

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Hello. This is an issue some of us have already reported, and Spotify made it an Ongoing Issue that needs more information.


So I suggest you go to the Ongoing Issue thread and post your information there, so we can all finally listen to good songs on the Web Player again.


Ongoing Issue thread link is


This is happening currently on all of my playlists. When I hit next, with shuffle on or off, it skips multiple songs at a time & when you try to go back, it goes back multiple songs at a time. 

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