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Some thoughts about the problem of Free Spotify and Windows Phone

Some thoughts about the problem of Free Spotify and Windows Phone

I've being reading about this problem in many places. And I'd like to share my thoughts with you.
First of all, I know about Spotify since a time ago. However, I'm from old school with my 33 years, and I was still using my MP3 files, downloading and reaping CD's.
However, since a relative ask me to help her to buy a new cell phone, the story is different.
After look for many alternatives, I finally tell her to buy a Nokia Lumia phone because of many reasons that I will not write here, but it was the best option for her. Both, device and OS.
She is so happy with her new white Lumia. She started to discover it. And love it. A few settings, like mail accoung, Facebook account, and all done.
However, she is a very "musical" person. So, she needed music. And, again, she asked me.
So, my first idea since she has "unlimited internet" in her phone, was to download and install Spotify app for Windows Phone.
Beautiful. Just a fast download, registration for free account, and she had all the music she wanted / needed.
She was so happy. And she had all she could need in her phone. So, questions stopped.
Some other friends changed their phones in the next days. Different reasons, but all new phones. Both change a Lumia (stolen) and a Blackberry (too old) for Samsung galaxy core and Moto G. Both changed for Android.
They also wanted music. One of them is a drummer. So, I recommended Spotify too since first experience was so good.
In the last days, I also changed my phone. I changed my old Nokia N8 for a beautiful Nokia Lumia 925. And, of course, I wanted music too.
Now, maybe you are asking yourself, if everything was so good, why am I here, writing this?
Because now, not everything is good.
I registered at Spotify for my free account. Then I went to my phone, downloaded the app, and tried to login. "Error. You need a premium account"
What? But my relative has Spotify on her phone. Why I can't have it on mine? Wrong. She's having the same problem. Just that, because she was already logged, her app went to "off line" forever.
I started to search in different sites and found the worst news. Spotify is free in other platforms like Android and iOS, but, for Windows Phone, you need a premium account.
What? Why? What's the problem with Windows Phone or with their users?
I mean, let's be honest. Spotify is a very nice services. So, I agree that paying is not bad and is fair enough if you need lot of music and don't want to start again with "old school" stuff like mp3 and reaping CD's.
But, what I consider wrong and very very unfair is that Spotify is free for "some people". If you are part of the "elite" that use iOS devices or if you are part of the "mass" that use Android, then you can have Spotify free.
And Windows Phone user? What are we for you? Some kind of second class citizens?
I don't want to arrive to wrong conclusions. That's why I'm here, writing slowly and thinking each word with my limited English.
I want to know the real reasons  why Spotify is free for some people and some other must pay.
Maybe I shoud buy a Moto X?
Please, "people from Spotify", answer my question. And be fair. If user must pay, so make "ALL" users pay. And if you can offer a free account for mobile devices, then offer it for all.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.
Best regards.
6 Replies

Your English is great 🙂


The Windows phone app needs updating before it can work with Free Spotify and a brand new app is coming this Spring. This blog post explains about the changes and timescale.

Thanks for reply.
It's nice to read so good news. And to know the real reasons of all this. All sites write about "discrimination" or some other stuff when the problem is just a technical issue because of the "jump" from WP 7 to 8. It happens all the time, in many many software products when you jump from one OS to other.
It happens in desktop, with Windows, With Linux (they have to re-package all software and update all libraries). Evolve keeping backward compatibility  some times is impossible. And sometimes, when possible, it makes developers to do "magic" trying to maintain in the same app the old code and the new one.
But well... Free will come when ready. So, let's wait.
In the mean time, I'll give it a try to Premium. Even in Argentina, converting USD to local money, Premium is very cheap. It's about to 2,5 liters Cokes. Or a big "Lay's".
Best regards.

Just one more question: is there a date for the new Spotify app with "free account" support for Windows Phone 8?



The premium cost in Argentina sounds really cheap compared to my UK subscription. I was thinking about how to get a Philippines credit card now it has launched there 🙂


No date I'm afraid. All I know is in that blog and Spring officially ends on 21 June so we'll see 🙂

"I registered at Spotify for my free account. Then I went to my phone, downloaded the app, and tried to login. "Error. You need a premium account""


...yeah, double standardsby Spotify.


But not just this, even if you have Premium, you get a half-assed service:


...Radio... no? Not for you on Windows Phone, but available on Android release


Just 1 of many "sub-standard" but still paying for "premium" moments with the Windows Phone version. Of course if you don't have any other phones or access to Spotify you might not notice you're being duped, but seriously, that's not good enough. Radio is a feature I use and is particularly nice when you're travelling in a car etc.




It's coming this Spring as announced in the Spotify blog.

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