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Sonos and Spotify: Impossible!

Sonos and Spotify: Impossible!

This is a general question:


Is something up -- something that your customers and Sonos customers should be aware of -- with the relationship between Spotify and Sonos? Those of us who use Sonos to stream Spotify can no longer see our playlist folders in Sonos, we can't sort our playlists alphabetically (or at all!) on the Sonos apps, we can't see a list (organized or disorganized) of our Favorited Spotify albums on Sonos, and we can't search through our own playlists (using Seach on Sonos means searching all Spotify playlists -- meaning every public playlist -- rather than just our own). What we're left with from "Your Music" on Spotify is a disorganized, unsearchable list of Spotify playlists, a similarly disorganized list of songs, and that's it. There's no practical way for me to find albums or playlists on my Sonos equipment. Speaking for myself, this makes Spotify essentially unusable on Sonos equipment.



Does Spotify want to discourage us from buying and using Sonos equipment? Is there some different company they want us to buy our streaming music system from?


Seriously: The more I think about it, the more I realize that this makes no sense.

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I completely agree -- eliminating Spotify folders on Sonos renders Spotify useless for me.


Wthout access to my Spotify playlist folders on my Sonos system, I will cancel my Spotify service since that's how I listen to Spotify 90% of the time.  


Not having access to my Spotify folders on my Sonos system makes Spotify useless to me. 


I've been a very happy Sonos customer since 2008, and have been an avid Spotify user since 2011.  I absolutely loved my Spotify/Sonos integration until now.

Over the past 4 years, I've built up over 300 playlists on my Spotify account which are now carefully sorted into folders and subfolders by genre, decade, etc, and was able to very quick scroll through my folders and find the right playlist using my Sonos controller.

Without access to my folders and subfolders, my 300+ Spotify playlists are now essentially useless on my Sonos system -- it takes forever to find playlist I'm looking for.

Spotify is making a false advertising claims when it claims that Spotify has completely integration on Sonos systems.

Sonos announced today that it's opening up its platform to Spotify Connect

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