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Sonos connected, but can't be selected under "Devices"

Sonos connected, but can't be selected under "Devices"

Just connected the Sonos app to Spotify (I do have Premium). Now a very strange problem occurs: Sonos shows, see screenshot, as "Family Room" under Devices, but when I try to select it, I just can't. Nothing happens if I click on it. The problem persists both on my Spotify app of my Mac and on my iPhone. Any idea to resolve this?






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PROBLEM RESOLVED: This **bleep** is so **bleep**ed up!!! Don't buy Sonos if you accidentally lead a global lifestyle. My Spotify account is set "Germany" and when I installed Sonos I naively added "Thailand" as country. So the systems, which is the worst of the worst, pretended to connect, where in fact they did not. Changing Sonos country to Germany did the trick. What a mess in exception handling from the product management side, this should throw an error to know what the root cause is ... 

This is "by design" but very annoying indeed... You first have to press "play" and then change the output from e.g. "This Computer" to the Sonos device, which is unlogical and you might miss the first few seconds of the song...


Please Spotify, get this fixed !!

I have a quiet similar problem, when I want on my mac to select my sonos living room it start to play but  on my iphone?!?! this means that I cannot chang songs and control volume from my mac but only from my mac sonos app, iphone sonos app or iphone spotify app, that's weird! 

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